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the community for syfy's haven
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Welcome to havenmaine, the first and best Haven community! Please feel free to join the community. It is a community for fans of the new series on the SyFy network, Haven, as well as the cast of the show. At this community you can post anything relating to Haven or its cast. The community is moderated.

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Content: You may post whatever you like so long as it's related to Haven or the cast. At this community you can post anything relating to any ship. That means: fanfiction, icons, fanmixes, ficmixes, wallpapers, graphics, news, pictures, etc. etc. Please use only the default font and text size.

Tags: It is imperative that you tag your posts. We'd like an organized collection of media, but to do that we need you to buy into the system of tagging. If a tag isn't available that you need, contact a mod. We can tag your post for you or create one.

LJcuts: In order to spare everyone's flists, we ask that all large graphics be behind cuts. Any graphic larger than 500px wide should be beneath a cut. Additionally any long articles should be behind a cut.

Hotlinking: Hotlinking is mean. Don't do it. There are many sites to which you can upload pictures, cost free. Photobucket, ImageShack, and TinyPic are all options.

Icons: We welcome icons. However, in order to prevent the community from being overrun we ask that you only link to posts that contain 10 icons or more that are related to the show or the cast. Please respect that rule, because your icon post will be rejected.

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